ADX20 Offer #5 - 5 Axis Hybrid Milling - Chairside (Arum 5X-300)


ADX20 Offer #5 - Arum 5 Axis Milling

Wet and Dry Hybrid Chairside 



Inlay and Onlay
Single and Bridge Crowns and Copings 
Implant Bar, Hybrid Abutment 
Full Arch Restoration 
Bite Splint 
Denture Base 
Partial Denture Frame 


Millable Material 

Lithium Disilicate Block
Glass Fused Glass Block
Zirconia Disc 
Composite Disc
PMMA Disc 
Wax Disc 
PEEK Disc 


Terms and Conditions
*Provided equipment has 1 year warranty. 
*This offer includes installation, training and ongoing advisory service (1 year). 
*Delivery fee may vary according to your location.
*We are looking for partners to bring more dynamics together.  
Dental Dynamics Australia 
02 9411 7555 / 0427 466 588
(IDS Trading Australia Pty Ltd. 10/8 Avenue of the Americas Newington NSW 2127)