Email Newsletter - Chairside Milling - 4 Axis vs. 5 Axis / Wet vs. Dry

About Dental Milling 

4 Axis vs. 5 Axis?

5 Axis machine can mill most of dental restorations

Full arch bridges or bars,
bridges with implant screw holes,
complex design with undercut

including splints and denture base. 
About Dental Milling 

Wet vs. Dry Milling? 

Hard material like glass block need cooling water with durable spindle over 60,000rpm.
But soft material like zirconia can be milled in dry condition.

Wet milling can provide always better milling quality with no heat distortion for all kinds of material like lithium disilicate, zirconia, PMMA (for temporary crowns), PEKKTON (for flexible and durable) or any polymer material. 
5um Accuracy 
0.5kW Strong Spindle for Dry and Wet Milling 
Built-in PC with Wifi or LAN Connectivity
Automatic Tool Changer 
Automatic Calibration 

September offer 

AUD62,000 + GST

(Saving AUD8,300)

This offer includes
5 Axis Wet and Dry Milling Machine, 
CAM software (Hyperdent),
Stand Cabinet,
Dust Extractor, 
Exocad design Software, 
Training and Delivery.
Terms and Conditions

•  Delivery is for free to the place within 50km of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide Metro. There will be extra charge on WA, NT, TAS and urban area. 
•  One day In house training included for Milling Promotion