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Newsletter #5 Edition - Ora-Aid


Extra care after oral treatment? 

A small protective barrier would be a special care for patients after painful surgery. Protective 6 hours will be enough time for blood clot creation.

Ora-Aid after perio surgery.

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Benefits of Ora-Aid..

• Protect Intraoral wound from food, bacterial and cigarette smoke
• Aid in hemostasis and fast wound healing
• Prevent secondary infections
• Reduce irritation sore in mouth
• Reduce pain
• Prevent sores from orthodontia
• Protect fluorine vanish or sensitive teeth
• Protect tongue from irritation caused by suture thread
• Mint flavor reduces halitosis
• Self adhesive with saliva
• Strong adhesion using hydrophilic polymer
• Safe and easy to use
• Contain vitamin E
• Easy to cut into different shapes/sizes

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AUD116+GST after 15% discount  
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Product Package
  • OA2515 - 20 packs in a box, 2 pieces in a pack (25x15mm size)
  • OA5015 - 20 packs in a box, 1 piece in a pack (50x15mm size)  
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Desktop dust collector - Elephant Dust Collector with LED Light  
Quiet and convenient dust collector for our practice.

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