Intra Oral Dressing

Benefits & Features


 • Protect Intraoral wound from food, bacterial and cigarette smoke  • Prevent secondary infections
 • Reduce pain  • Prevent sores from orthodontia
 • Protect fluorine vanish or sensitive teeth  • Protect tongue from irritation caused by a suture thread.
 • Refresh taste after a surgical procedure  • Reduce irritation sore in the mouth
 •Advancedconcept in intraoral dressing  • Aid in hemostasis and fast wound healing
 • Self-adhesive with saliva   • Easy to cut into different shapes/sizes 
 • Strong adhesion using hydrophilic polymer   • Reduce irritation sore in the mouth
 • Protect tongue from irritation caused by suture thread  • Safe and easy to use
 • Contain vitamin E  • Mint flavor reduces halitosis


1. Physically protect the wound from external stimuli
2. Isolate from chemical contact with pungent food
3. Reduction of pain through cushion effect
(Prevention of damage to mucous membranes caused by pressure from prosthetic materials)
4. Prevent infection and secondary injury
5. Protect the growth factors in exudate that help heal
6. Prevent damage during initial wound healing period (blood clots and fibrin formation)


1. Irrigate wound with sterile or saline solution
2. Expectorate or suction irrigated water from the mouth
3. Open the package and take out a product
4. Cut Ora-Aid into a proper shape and size
5. Establish hemostasis before applying Ora-Aid
6. Remove transparent release paper and apply Ora-Aid on the wound
7. Gently press Ora-Aid for 3 to 5 seconds while Ora-Aid adheres to wound    
    (An excessive exudation may reduce its adhesive strength and its use time.)


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