Square vs. Cylinder Chamber Autoclave


Square chamber is always better then cylinder one when it comes to space efficiency.
Not to mention of space efficiency between square and cylinder (21.46% space loss between square and cylinder chamber), but also usable space is only 14.83L out of its 22L cylinder chamber. 32.59% of space is unusable due to chamber design*.

Square vs. Cylinder Chamber Autoclave

But why cylinder or barrel type chamber is more common in the market?

Because it is advantageous for pressure dispersion and is easy to make with less resource and effort. More material is needed and more tricky to make a square chamber relatively.

Square autoclave is a challenge for the manufacturer, but it will be a benefit for customers.
Particularly in the case of the B class steam sterilizer, it is important to select the chamber without welding (=less risk of air/vacuum leakage) because B class autoclave has extra vacuum process comparing to S class. (Pre-vacuum for hollow instruments and vacuum purse for better sterilization)

It is important to check following specifications with salesperson.

  • Chamber size (liter) or design
    -17 Liter? 22 Liter?
    -Cylinder? Square?
  • Chamber material
    -Fyi, STS 316L is most expensive and durable stainless alloy than usual.
  • Autoclave size
    -Normally 17-22L autoclave will fit onto your bench top.
    -But autoclave needs 50mm (5cm) more from back wall due to steam heat outlet.
    -Cycle time of larger size autoclave is relatively longer than small ones.
  • Power Consumption
    -Over 2,400W needs separate power point (15Amp).
    -Especially B Class autoclave requires more energy for vacuum compressor.


I would like to discuss autoclave cycle data tracking and how-to method next blog.