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Arum 4 -Axis Custom Abutment Milling (4X-100)
Arum 4 -Axis Custom Abutment Milling (4X-100)
Arum 4 -Axis Custom Abutment Milling (4X-100)
Arum 4 -Axis Custom Abutment Milling (4X-100)
Arum 4 -Axis Custom Abutment Milling (4X-100)

Arum 4 -Axis Custom Abutment Milling (4X-100)

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*This price is including 4X-100, Standing Cabinet, Built-in PC, Water tank and CAM Software (Hyperdent). 




ARUM Milling Machines by DOOWON 

Arum is a brand name of milling machines of DOOWON in Korea. Doowon has been the fastest growing company in the world. 
Doowon has technologies to make strong milling machines for all materials including metal disks and premilled blanks with powerful spindle and strong frame. 


Click here to see Arum Milling Brochure. 


Product Summary - 4-Axis

-Simultaneous milling  
-10unit Pre-Milled Blank Fixture
-Heavy-Duty Spindle
-8 position automatic tool changer
-Precision guides and ball screws

What 4-Axis can mill? 

Inlay and onlay, Crown, Coping, Crown Bridge, Coping Bridge, Customized Abutment


What material it can mill? 

Pre-Milled Blank (Titanium), Zirconia, Lithium Disilicate (E-max®, Etc),
Nanocomposite (Vericom Mazic® duro, Lava Ultimate® Etc), PMMA, PEEK, Wax, Etc


Product Features

01. Superior Machining Power

High-precision spindle can process customized abutments without difficulty.

02. Mill from Zirconia to Lithium Discilicate

03. 8 Position Automatic Tool Changer

Various materials can be processed under one setting with the automatic tool changer.

04. 10 pre-milled blanks simultaneous machining and minimization of post-machining time.

Up to 10 simultaneous processing can shorten the milling time and reverse machining jig can be used to reduce post-machining time and cost.






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