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BC Plus 5th Gen Bonding Agent 5ml

BC Plus 5th Gen Bonding Agent 5ml

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BC Plus™_5th Generation Bonding Agent (2 Step)_5ml


Features and benefits
• BC plus™ is the 5th generation single component bonding agent designed to bond all classes of direct composite restorations to dentin, enamel, as well as procedures involving cast metals, composite, treated porcelain and set amalgam.
• BC plus™ is a light-activated adhesive resin based on an ethanol formulation.
• BC plus™ allows for indirect restoration procedures, due to its minimal and uniform film thickness.


• Bonding of direct composite
• Bonding to composite and set amalgam
• Bonding of indirect restorations-Porcelain
• Sealing hypersensitivity areas of teeth


 - 5ml x 1 bottle


• Microleakage


• Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM) of applied BC plus on the tooth surface



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