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CAD/CAM Training Program

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We are not the one just provides equipments, we provide our experience and knowledge for whole operating system. We are proud of our training program for your new CAD/CAM system. 

You will be able to operate CAD and/or CAM system after the training with general understandings about Zirconia Restorations, and we will provide ongoing advisory service when any case happens in the middle of your important works. Our training program can be adjustable or modified up to your experience or we can work on couple of restorations together to understand A to Z.


 Please check short video for the training. 

Curriculum (two days) 

-Two days training after installation (min. 16 hours)  
-Training Certificate will be provided.
-Please prepare couple of actual cases for training purpose
-Training schedule and curriculum might be different due to individuals experience.


  1. SCAN (Shining 3D Auto-Scan DS-EX)
    -AutoScan-DS-EX Introduction
    -Prep Scanning (Single, Bridge, Implant Single)
    -Impression Scanning
    -Articulator Scanning
    -Others (Texture scanning, denture scanning, die scanning, key scan, optic spray, add scan function)


  1. CAD software (exocad)
    -What is STL File?
    -exocad design Workflow
    -Functions and Applications
    -Parameters and Adjustment (cement gap, crown border, margin thickness, undercuts, library, positioning, insertion path, opposing tooth)
    -Materials, Actual Design and Considerations


  1. Definition and attributes of Zirconia Material
    -Zirconia weak for brittleness
    -Strength and Hardness
    -Correlation between Strength and Transparent


  1. CAM Milling
    -Introduction of Roland Milling and Software
    -Milling Workflow through SUM3D
    -Milling Strategies for Restoration Types and Materials
    -Toolpath Simulation
    -Periodic Maintenance (auto correction and tool management)


  1. Colouring
    -Post Milling Process (right tools for trimming and texture)
    -Light and Colour
    -Shades of Zirconia and Light Reflection
    -Colouring Techniques
    -Effect of Colouring Liquid
    -Absorption, Drying, Mixing
    -DIY Zirconia Colouring Guide


  1. Sintering
    -Sintering Machines and Features
    -Sintering Failure and Troubleshooting
    -Considerations and Precautions of Nesting
    -Others (Gloves, beads)


  1. Smart Etching System
    -Zirconia Etching
    -Effect of Smart Etching


  1. Post Sintering – Stain and Glaze
    -Glaze Powder’s Feature
    -Antagonist’s Abrasion and Measure
    -Porcelain Furnace with consideration for Zirconia


*Training schedule will be different due to individuals experience. Travel expense is excluded. 
*Detail training curriculum will be provided on request. 

*Contact us for detail training program to design for you. (  


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