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QP Fiber Post_Kit with drills
QP Fiber Post_Kit with drills
QP Fiber Post_Kit with drills
QP Fiber Post_Kit with drills

QP Fiber Post_Kit with drills

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Fiber Post Kit includes following items; 

  • 10 of D1.14 fiber posts
  • 10 of D1.25 fiber posts 
  • 10 of D1.55 fiber posts 
  • 3 of different size drills for each fiber post 


Reliable and Proven Fiber Post (made in Korea, proved over 5 years) 

  • Optimal radiopacity (>330% AI equivalent)
  • Similar elasticity like natural dentin - about 20Gpa
  • Enhanced bending strength (>1600 Mpa)
  • Strong flexural strength (>1600 MPa)
  • High compressive strength (>500 MPa)



 Other Benefit

  • Excellent bonding strength by Silane (SiH4) finishing – chemical + physical bonding
  • The best light transmitting for light curing efficiency
  • Optimal shape for root canal - tapered shape
  • 2mm grove for cutting indication and rubber
  • Translucent post for esthetic result for anterior
  • Various diameter size for different clinical cases


Product Size (Refill) 

QP10 / D1.0mm x L20mm / Yellow / 10pcs per pack    
QP14 / D1.14mm x L20mm / Blue / 10pcs per pack  
QP20 / D1.2mm x L20mm / Green / 10pcs per pack  
QP25 / D1.25mm x L20mm / Red / 10pcs per pack  
QP40 / D1.4mm x L20mm / Purple / 10pcs per pack  
QP50 / D1.5mm x L20mm / Black / 10pcs per pack  
QP55 / D1.55mm x L20mm / Black / 10pcs per pack
QP200 / D2.0mm x L20mm / Gray / 10pcs per pack



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