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DenFil Nano_Refill 4g - High Polish

DenFil Nano_Refill 4g - High Polish

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DenFil™ Nano, Light-cured composite resin
DenFil™N is a visible-light activated, radiopaque, nano-hybrid composite material. It is designed for use in both anterior and posterior restorations.


Features and benefits
• DenFil™ N is a universal nano-hybrid composite for use in both posterior and anterior restorations.
• DenFil™ N adopts the Multi Nano-sized Particle distribution Technology(MNPT). It has highly esthetic
appearance and natural shade blending with surrounding tooth structure by MNPT.
• DenFil™ N shows optimal handling and non-slumping


• Restorations for posterior(class I, II, V) and anterior(class III, IV, V) teeth
• Core build-up
• Splinting


Packing for Refill 
-Nano Resin 4g x 1 syringe



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