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A014 Premilled-DIO SM AMI 48
A009 Premilled-DIO SM Mini
A010 Premilled-DIO SM Mini 14mm
A011 Premilled-DIO SM Regular/Wide/Extra Wide
A012 Premilled-DIO SM Regular/Wide/Extra Wide 14mm
A210 Premilled-DIO UF Narrow
A361 Premilled-DIO UF Narrow 14mm
A013 Premilled-DIO UF Regular/Wide
A167 Premilled-DIO UF Regular/Wide 14mm
A227 Premilled-DIO UF Regular/Wide 14mm NH
A278 Premilled-DIO UF Regular/Wider NH


Raw Material
-Ti 6AI-4V ELI (ASTM F 136)
-Supplied by Germany

-Almost 250+ Implant Connections
-Precision machined up to ±5µ Accuracy 
-Premilled connection area guarantee precision 
-2 screws included 
-2 diameter options - 10mm and 14mm 


Why ARUM Pre-milled Blank has high precision?
The precise seating of the restoration with minimal gap of around the screw has a decisive effect on the lifetime of the implant. Less gap and accurate fitting prevent the screw loosening. 
Arum has higher accuracy standard than implant companies.  




Approved by CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485

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