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Vonflex S Bite Registration with FREE Impression Trays

Vonflex S Bite Registration with FREE Impression Trays

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  • 12 x 50ml Cartridges in a box 
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  • Limited Stock 
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Vonflex S™ Bite
Excellent hydrophilic impression material


Normal Set (Working 45s / Setting 90s)


Features and benefits

• Vonflex S Bite™, as the additional polymerization silicone type, is composed of vinyl
polysiloxane impression materials designed for making precise occlusal registrations.
• Vonflex S Bite™ is providing sharper setting and higher strength.
• Standard bite registration in the end bite position
• Portrayal of antagonists
• Coating of bite forks
• Key material for needle point registration
• Production of small model segments


• Bite registration


• 50ml x 12 cartridges


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