Asiga for digital dentistry

Open material system, process monitoring, intuitive user control and a repeatable, precise output for quality assurance and patient safety. Asiga 3D printers and materials for a professional digital dental solution.

Asiga PRo 4K XL

Material Freedom

Over 500 materials available.

Experience the widest choice of materials on the market with unlimited and unrestricted access to many industry-leading materials for a variety of applications. Future-proof your business and stay up-to-date with the latest validated 3D print materials thanks to Asiga’s Open Material Architecture.

What's Included


Composer is the software interface to all our 3D Printers. Powerful, intuitive and free.

Asiga Flash

A compact post curing device for curing parts after printing.

Calibration Toolkit

All the tools you need to calibrate your Asiga 3D printer.

Material Pack

1L Asiga material pack included. Material pack consists of 1L material bottle and 1L build tray.

SPS™ Smart-Positioning-System Technology

Asiga's unique SPS™ process guarantees every layer is formed accurately. Accurate layer formation is the key to achieving consistently accurate results in any production environment.

62µm Print Precision

Optimized for both dental and audio lab or clinic environments.

Digital Dentistry

Manufacture dental orthodontics, crown & bridge, surgical guides, dental models, custom trays and partial dentures.

Open Material System

For production flexibility and economy use the latest materials from any manufacturer.

Fastest Material Changeover

The fastest material change over than any other product on the market. Complete in under 30 seconds.

Single Point Calibration

Simple platform calibration and internal radiometer for automatic LED calibration.

Asiga's Open Material System for dentistry