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dima print ortho

Highly efficient 3D-printing of surgical dental drilling guides

With dima Print Guide, dental laboratories can produce surgical drilling guides quickly and economically, yet still deliver a high level of precision and stiffness to ensure accuracy for the implant drilling procedure. The 3D resin is an MD class I material and the color changes to indicate full sterilization when it is sterilized via autoclaving.

Converting the production of surgical drilling guides to 3D printing ensures both greater efficiency and savings. The highly efficient process enables labs to print up to four guides within 22 minutes.

Asiga 1L MAX Build Tray

Asiga 1L PRO 4K Build Tray

Asiga 2L MAX Build Tray

Asiga 2L PRO 4K Build Tray

Asiga 5L MAX UV Build Tray

Asiga 5L PRO 4K Build Tray

Asiga MAX UV Build Platform

Asiga MAX UV Build Tray Storage Case

Asiga PRO 4K Build Tray Storage Case Pack of 1 Case

Form 2 Form 3B Build Platform

Form 2 Resin Tank LT