DWINDEX2 Virtual CAD/CAM job management for your milling device

DWINDEX 2 improves your CAD/CAM production boasting a robust virtual dashboard accessible with your smart device and remote PC. The virtual dashboard offers a 24-hour production graph displaying the daily output on each connected device, allowing users to remotely monitor the progress of their milling devices both during and after work hours.

Optional CAM Software

CIMsystem MillBox Roland Edition is the dental CAM Software solution developed specifically for DGSHAPE Dental Milling Machines.

Equipped with a simple to follow user interface that is both innovative and appealing, MillBox simplifies the nesting and toolpath creation. The MillBox Interface was specifically developed for immediate use, with exciting new features that allow you to work even faster.

Specially designed for professionals who require simple and reliable tools, MillBox provides high performance in less time to get the work you want processed in a few simple steps. 


Dry Mill


Dry Mill


Dry Mill


Wet Mill