Material Qualities of Titanium Partial Dentures

Why Choose Titanium Partial Dentures?

Titanium is the most biocompatible metal available for use in dentistry. Virtually no one is allergic to titanium, which means that it is the perfect metal for even the most sensitive patients who require dental implants. A removable partial denture framework made from titanium enjoys all of the desirable properties of other methods and it is roughly 400% lighter than most cobalt/chromium alloys. This translates into better comfort for your patient.

high-quality RPD frame

High-torque and stable 4-axis metal machining

Precision ground Ball Screw, LM Guide, Harmonic Drive

Hybrid Titanium Partial Denture Framework Options

This is the most non-allergenic hybrid partial denture solution for your patient’s care as it is both monomer- and nickel-free.

efficiently utilizing the material

Rectangular titanium plate(250x155x (Max 25T))

Automatic system

Arrange same tools parallel in the magazine enabling to be exchanged automatically by wear, breakage or accumulating time used

Automatic fire extinguishing system for potential fire