Stable Precision Machining

AC 2.2kw, Servo Motor allows you to machine materials from metal (Titanium, Co-Cr, Ni-cr) to zirconia stably, and Zero Point system allows you to machine materials accurately despite jig replacement.

Excellent Precision and Durability

With ZERO Point system, you can achieve excellent origin point precision despite repeated jig replacement, which allows you to machine even complex shape stably. Servo Motor with built-in Absolute Encoder and Auxiliary Support compensates for even fine vibrations.

Labial Side Machining

With Open C Type Jig, you can minimize time spent in precision machining and post-machining of labial (or Buccal) side texture and undercut area.

Best-in-class Spindle

With the powerful spindle from Sycotec in Germany, it boasts excellent performance in machining all dental CAD/CAM materials including metal (Co-Cr, Titanium, Ni-Cr)

Wireless Auto Calibration

Wireless Auto Calibration improves the usability and the accuracy, maintaining the best condition. In particular, Auto Calibration function for each position of pre-milled blank, you can produce the customized abutment with high accuracy.