cara® Print 4.0 pro

The smooth standard of precision and efficiency

  • Our all-rounder cara Print 4.0 pro is a 3D printer developed by dental experts to be part of a comprehensive, thoroughly tested workflow. It offers dental technicians a faster, more economical method of producing polymer-based dental appliances in-house.
  • Not only does it provide a cost-effective alternative to milling for certain applications, it is more competitively priced than other 3D printers on the market, while still meeting all the accuracy standards.

Accurate Fit System

Accurate Fit System (AFS) for smoother surfaces and no visible layers.



Our all-rounder cara Print 4.0 pro is a 3D printer developed by dental experts to be part of a comprehensive, thoroughly tested workflow.


cara Print Clean pro is an automated 3DP cleaning system that agitates isopropanol in a contained volume to clean excess, uncured resin from 3D-printed parts.


cara Print LEDcure offers the flexibility to set the time, temperature and LED intensity to ensure optimal illumination conditions for all opaque & transparent 3D print materials.


HiLite power 3D is our all-rounder light curing unit. Ideal for pre and final polymerising light-curing composites from the Signum, 3D print, Pala and many other product ranges.



Gypsum-beige, all-rounder resin mimics traditional properties for situation, section, ortho and implant models. High precision & heat resistance with a matte finish and an aesthetic color for nearly any application from veneering to deep drawing.

Ortho models

3D resin for teal orthodontic models that are easy on the eyes and offer a strong contrast to metal wires. High surface hardness, extra high heat resistance (ideal for deep drawing!), extra high printing speed and easy to grind if needed.


dima Print Splint clear for 3D printing clear, transparent splints and nightguards, featuring: high accuracy, high elongation at break, and high wearing comfort for the end user. Save splints as digital files and reprint as needed. (MD class IIa)


Universal, ruby-red 3D resin that is comparable to milled cast material (PMMA): very fluid with no sedimentation, residue-free burnout. Create flexible clasps, highly precise and clean crown edges and smooth metal/cast surfaces.

Gingiva masks

Silicon-free 3D resin that makes it easy to design highly detailed gingiva masks with clearly visible contours, emergence profiles and a naturalistic color. The elastic material is highly tear resistant, flexible, and easy to adjust via grinding.


dima Print Ortho for 3D printing transparent blue splints. The splints deliver high accuracy, high flexural strength and you can save the splints as digital files to reprint as needed. (MD class IIa)

Stone gray

Developed to match the look and handling properties of gray gypsum for the production of models. The material is an excellent choice for technicians with the highest aesthetic demands, such as ceramists.

Mouth Guard

With your 3D printer from Kulzer, you can easily cater to a local niche market and expand your portfolio with mouth guards that are easy to produce and even easier to re-produce as needed.