5X-300 Pro

Bright Future, Right System

Another evolution to compact class,

realization of the best convenience

Efficient C-TYPE JIG

Labial (or Buccal) side texture and undercut area precision processing minimize post-processing time. You can easily exchange from disk to CAD block as it uses cartridge type materials.

High speed 80,000 RPM

By choosing one from 2 modes of roughing process (U peeling milling, and Parallel milling), you can process glass ceramic materials more effectively.

All in One System

An external compressor is not required, and all additional devices(Dust Collector, Coolant System) are built inside the table to overcome installation space constraint and minimize noise. German Renfert SILENT compact CAM model is used

Excellent detail expression

Through groove, labial side texture precision processing using ARUM's exclusive 0.3mm tool for Zirconia, you can process prostheses close to natural teeth.

The wireless automatic calibration

The wireless automatic calibration has improved the usability and the 3mm probe has improved the accuracy, maintaining the best condition.

Easy-to-use U.I even for beginners

With its intuitive icons,even beginners can control easily. Simple touch control design has been applied.