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F072 Analog-CAMLOG Blue 5.0
F297 Analog-CAMLOG Conelog Blue 5.0
F295 Analog-CAMLOG Conelog Gray 3.3
MF242 Analog-CAMLOG Conelog Multi 3.3/3.8/4.3
MF243 Analog-CAMLOG Conelog Multi 5.0
F296_43 Analog-CAMLOG Conelog Red 4.3
F296_38 Analog-CAMLOG Conelog Yellow 3.8
F069 Analog-CAMLOG Gray 3.3
F071 Analog-CAMLOG Red 4.3
F070 Analog-CAMLOG Yellow 3.8

Raw Material
-Stainless Steel 303F



-Precision machined up to ± 5µm
-Position indicator & Level stopper for 3D print & Stone model
-Anti-rotate design
-Library code by laser marking helps to recognise implant system easily



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Head that reproduces the implant system joint.
Position indicator and level stopper support precise positioning of removable gingiva mask.
Gentle retaining area to easily position the soft gum in the working model.
Effective circuit and self-locking cross retainers 
Can be easily fitted despite of implants distance or angulation 
Item code by laser marking help to recognise implant system.

Approved by CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485




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