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Intra Oral Scanbody-DIO UF

Intra Oral Scanbody-DIO UF

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OT003_01 IO-01/DIO UF Regular D4.5X6.0/ARUM
OT004_01 IO-01/DIO UF Regular D4.5X8.0/ARUM
OT005_01 IO-01/DIO UF Regular D5.5X6.0/ARUM
OT006_01 IO-01/DIO UF Regular D5.5X8.0/ARUM


Raw Material
-Ti 6AI-4V ELI (ASTM F 136)
-Supplied by Germany


-Fixture Connection Indicator on scanbody - A-line
-Inner Thread for Screw Holding
-Concave Neck Design 
-Scanbody Holder included 



A line
With the conventional intra-oral scanbody, it is difficult to validate whether the scanbody has been completely inserted into the implant fixture, which results in high chance of failure of the final prosthesis. The “A” Line of the ARUM intra-oral scanbody provides an indicator to the operator to check for a complete connection to the implant fixture and thereby ensuring a more precise prosthesis.

Inner Thread
The Arum intraoral scanbody is specifically designed with an internal spinal thread, which prevents detachment and loss of screw once it is tightened and fully engaged to the implant fixture.

Concave Line
The lower body of the intra-oral scanbody is concave shaped. This minimizes pressure on the patient’s gum during setting of the scanbody, thereby reducing experienced pain and securing a broader gingival area for future implant placement.

The holder allows the dentist to quickly and easily set the intra-oral scanbody into the implant fixture. This is especially effective for challenging cases such as the most distal molar.



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Approved by CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485




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