Dental extraoral suction system Free-100 mini

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Extraoral suction system, Aerosol suction system Free -100 mini


Free-100 mini

Free-100 Mini belongs to the dental extraoral vacuum suction system series. It is a device that minimizes contamination of indoor air by sucking in aerosol particles or small water drops when using a high speed handpiece or scaling. It also comes with a sterilization function. It is equipped with a noise sliencer.



Model no : Free - 100 min
Dimensions : 270mm(W) x 640mm(D) x 275mm(H)
Box dimensions : 380mm(W) x 425mm(D) x 1010mm(H)
Power supply : single phase AC 200V~240V / 50~60Hz/100V~130V / 50~60Hz
Output power(W) : 1,200W(120V), 1,200W(230V)
Electrical current(A) : 220V 6A / 110V 15A
Air flow : 3.9m3/min
Air pressure : 3.0Kpa(Ø40) / 10Kpa(Ø25) / 22.5Kpa(Ø10)
Filter : 1st filter (Medium dust filter)
           2nd filter (Super bio hapa & ulpa filter)99.97~99.995%
           3rd filter (Air filter)
Noise level : approx. 49~65db
Free arm size : 1,600mm / Free arm box size : 710mm x 235mm x 280mm
Free arm weight : approx. 1.2kg / Free arm box weight : approx. 2.7kg
Weight : approx. 27kg / Box Weight : approx. 28kg
Control mode : Step 1~12, filter cleaning mode(200T)
Basic components : Main body, 3 joint free arm, power cord, O Type hood, 1st spare filter
Accessories : Aluminum hood, L Type hood, Hood holder, UV LED lamp, Remote
controller, Plasma ionizer

Plaese check the product information before using the electricity in your area. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Extraoral suction 

When using a high speed handpiece & scaling, a lot of moisture, smog and aerosol particles are generated. Do you know how many aerosol particles contaminate the room?

Aerosol particles adhere to the bodies of dentists or hygienist during treatment. Also, aerosol particles can contaminate the air conditioners of fans, and my affect the respiratory systems of the patients.

Aerosol particles are very dangerous because they contain blood, saliva, viruses and other foreign substances.

It can be dangerous if an extraoral suction is not used.

There is a very big difference between using and not using an extraoral suction. During treatment, microscopic water drops fly away in the from of aerosol particles.

Make the change, for the health of doctors, hygienists and patients.

Free - 100 mini sucks in moisture, smog and aerosol particles with its powerful suction power to create a clean and pleasant treatment room, and keep it that way.

Dental Suction

• Aerosol particles adhere to the body.

Aerosols without suction system

• When not using an extraoral suction

Dental Aerosol Suction

• When using an extraoral suction

Specification of Free-100 mini Dental Extraoral Suction System

 Various extraoral suction

Komax manufactures a variety of dental extraoral suction products. We currently manufacture mobile types such as free-100 mini, Free-100 mini Remote,  Free-500,  Steri air-200,  and Steri air-300.

super filtering system

The 1st filter (Medium filter) filters out. contaminants and moisture. The 2nd filter, super bio filter (Hepa&Ulpa) catches various viruses or ultra fine dusts. It's filtration efficiency is between 99.97% and 99.995%. The 3rd filter purifies the air  before emitting it out into the room.

Plasma ionizer & UVC LED generator

Equipped with a safe and certified plasma ionizer to meet customer needs, it kills viruses. In addition, it is equipped with a durable UVC  LED generator for medical use to eliminate viruses and harmful foreign substances.

3 joint free arm

The 3 joint free arm consists of a 3-stage joint for the convenience of the user. It helps enable various positions according to the doctor’s treatment pattern, Also, depending on the different types of treatment, it provides the doctor with a convenient place for treatment with various suction hoods.

Noise silencer

Free-100 mini  is  equipped  with  a  noise  silencer  inside  the  suction  for a comfortable  treatment  room.

Medical caster 

Free-100 mini is equipped with an advanced medical casters for the user to move it freely and conveniently.



Plasma Specification

Input voltage
Current consumption 28mA
Power consumption 0.4W
Output power ~5.5KW
Ionic generation (+)Ion > 1million/cc, (-)Ion > 1million/cc
Ozone generation 0.002ppm(Indoor Recommendation Standards 0.06ppm/cc)
Manufacturing country Made in Korea

UV LED Specification

Input voltage
Current consumption
Power consumption
Wavelength 280mm
Uminous intensity 400mcd
Manufacturing country Made in korea
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