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DMAX Alpha HT (1,100 MPa / High Translucent)

DMAX Alpha HT (1,100 MPa / High Translucent)

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As DMAX’s bestseller block, Alpha HT has high transparency as well as high strength 1,100~1,300Mpa for coping, full crown, and long bridge.


Features and benefits
• As the DMAX’s best selling block, Alpha block has superior strength and translucency for all cases.
• The strength is 1,200MPa
• All vita shades are provided
• Sintering temperature: 1530 degree


AHT9810/Alpha HT 10/1100Mpa $132
AHT9812/Alpha HT 12/1100Mpa $158.40
AHT9814/Alpha HT 14/1100Mpa $184.80
AHT9816/Alpha HT 16/1100Mpa $211.20
AHT9818/Alpha HT 18/1100Mpa $237.60
AHT9820/Alpha HT 20/1100Mpa $264
AHT9822/Alpha HT 22/1100Mpa $290.40
AHT9825/Alpha HT 25/1100Mpa $330

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• Shade: white
• Strength (Mpa): 1,100
• Sintering temperature: 1,530 degree


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