DMAX Classic V Dipping Liquid (100ml)

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Dipping Liquid
1. Brushing in small quantity once to edge part of the cusp with GRAY (DARK BLUE) and BLUE (DARK BLUE).
2. Brushing twice to the edge of the cusp generally with ICE GRAY and ICE BLUE (ENAMEL).
3. Dipping for 1 mintue with wanted shade DENTIN LIQUID.
4. After colouring, dry for 20min at 200°C.



Brushing Liquid
1. Shade block itself has its basic colour. Therefore, dark colours may come out accidentally if coloured with the same method as the bocks without shades. Take the condition as minimizing the colouring work, then anybody could produce full crown conveniently.
2. Produce A1 or A2 crown using cherry block.
- Available to sinter immediately without colouring.
- If looks too simple, apply A1 or A2 liquid with a brush once or twice to the cervical line
- Shade match with stain after sintering.
3. Produce A3 crown using cherry block.
- Apply A1 liquid with a brush once in overall, and apply A2 liquid with a brush once to the cervical line
- Shade match with a stain after sintering.

4. Fine to omit point color when using shade block. If using point colour, use a small quantity in accordance with the general method.


1. Use distilled water for thickness adjustment
2. Store brushes clean after washing
3. Store in refrigerator
4. Shake before use
5. Use after taking a small quantity from the product bottle
6. For dentin colors, recommend using No.3 wide brush.
    For point colors, recommend using No.1 or 2 small brush.
7. For in-depth and consistent smear, remove Zirconia powder remain on the Zirconia surface perfectly before colouring. 
- Brush out with brushes
8. Important to sinter well at the optimum temperature without contamination after coloring.
9. Use a plastic tool for dipping.

10. Dry for 20min at 200°C, after colouring.




1. Check the block color first.

  • Please check the color of the block carefully before using the coloring liquid on a pre-shaded block.

2. Dipping technique

  • With dipping liquid, you can easily get the color you want.
  • For example, if you use A1 shade block, you can use A1 shade liquid to make A2 color crown before sintering.
  • Additional coloring can be done after sintering to match shade in more detail.

3.Brushing technique.

  • Brushing method is basically the same technique used for porcelain build up and staining.
  • DMAX’s special liquids are a unique solution for making natural-looking crowns.

4.Bridge cases.

  • To get the same color on the pontic area, brush with water once, then follow the same steps with dipping or brushing. Otherwise, pontic can be little darker than regular crown or coping area because of thick volume.

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