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Milling Tool-Metal tool

Milling Tool-Metal tool

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DG-55 Milling Tool-Grinding Tool D0.6*L08*40
DG-29 Milling Tool-Grinding Tool D0.6*L08*41
DG-22 Milling Tool-Grinding Tool D0.6*L08*50
DG-28 Milling Tool-Grinding Tool D1.0*L10*44.5
DG-54 Milling Tool-Grinding Tool D1.0*L10*45
DG-21 Milling Tool-Grinding Tool D1.0*L10*50
DG-31 Milling Tool-Grinding Tool D1.5*L10*44.5
DG-53 Milling Tool-Grinding Tool D1.5*L10*45
DG-38 Milling Tool-Grinding Tool D1.5*L12*50
DG-37 Milling Tool-Grinding Tool D2.5*L10*50
DG-30 Milling Tool-Grinding Tool D2.5*L12*44.5
DG-52 Milling Tool-Grinding Tool D2.5*L12*45
MB-14 Milling Tool-Metal tool D0.6*L03*50
MF-65 Milling Tool-Metal tool D0.6*L06*50
MF-71 Milling Tool-Metal tool D0.6*L06*50
MB-60 Milling Tool-Metal tool D1.0*L08*42
MB-64 Milling Tool-Metal tool D1.0*L08*42
MB-12 Milling Tool-Metal tool D1.0*L10*50
MFR-44 Milling Tool-Metal tool D1.5*L05*R0.1*50
MF-45 Milling Tool-Metal tool D1.5*L07*50
MB-59 Milling Tool-Metal tool D1.5*L10*43
MB-63 Milling Tool-Metal tool D1.5*L10*43
MB-11 Milling Tool-Metal tool D1.5*L10*50
MD-18 Milling Tool-Metal tool D1.5*L14*50
MFR-66 Milling Tool-Metal tool D1.5*L14*50
MB-58 Milling Tool-Metal tool D2.0*L12*44
MB-62 Milling Tool-Metal tool D2.0*L12*44
MB-10 Milling Tool-Metal tool D2.0*L12*50
MD-19 Milling Tool-Metal tool D2.0*L18*55
MF-15 Milling Tool-Metal tool D2.0*L18*55
MFR-43 Milling Tool-Metal tool D2.0*L18*R0.2*55
MB-09 Milling Tool-Metal tool D3.0*L12*50
PB-34 Milling Tool-PMMA Tool D1.0*L10*45
PB-51 Milling Tool-PMMA Tool D1.0*L10*45
PB-33 Milling Tool-PMMA Tool D1.5*L14*48
PB-50 Milling Tool-PMMA Tool D1.5*L14*50
PB-32 Milling Tool-PMMA Tool D2.0*L18*50
PB-49 Milling Tool-PMMA Tool D2.0*L18*50
MR-08 Milling Tool-Reamer tool D2.1*L18*55*145
MR-05 Milling Tool-Reamer tool D2.3*L18*55*120
MR-15 Milling Tool-Reamer tool D2.3*L18*55*180
MR-14 Milling Tool-Reamer tool D2.3*L18*55*70
MR-06 Milling Tool-Reamer tool D2.3*L18*55*90
MR-11 Milling Tool-Reamer tool D2.4*L18*55*140
MR-09 Milling Tool-Reamer tool D2.4*L18*55*70
MR-16 Milling Tool-Reamer tool D2.4*L18*55*90
MR-03 Milling Tool-Reamer tool D2.5*L18*55*180
MR-02 Milling Tool-Reamer tool D2.6*L18*55*180
MR-10 Milling Tool-Reamer tool D2.6*L18*55*30
MR-12 Milling Tool-Reamer tool D2.6*L18*55*90
MR-13 Milling Tool-Reamer tool D2.7*L18*55*70
MR-01 Milling Tool-Reamer tool D3.2*L18*55*180
MR-04 Milling Tool-Reamer tool D3.2*L18*55*180
MR-07 Milling Tool-Reamer tool D3.2*L18*55*30
TC-42 Milling Tool-T-CUTTER D1.5*L08*50
TC-41 Milling Tool-T-CUTTER D1.8*L08*50
TC-40 Milling Tool-T-CUTTER D2.0*L08*50
TH-69 Milling Tool-Thread tool M2.0P0.450mm
ZB-04 Milling Tool-Zirconia tool D0.3*L1.5*63
ZB-65 Milling Tool-Zirconia tool D0.3*L10*45
ZB-39 Milling Tool-Zirconia tool D0.3*L12*45
ZB-07 Milling Tool-Zirconia tool D0.6*L08*50
ZB-25 Milling Tool-Zirconia tool D0.6*L10*45
ZB-48 Milling Tool-Zirconia tool D0.6*L10*45
ZB-03 Milling Tool-Zirconia tool D0.6*L13*63
ZB-24 Milling Tool-Zirconia tool D1.0*L16*50
ZF-35 Milling Tool-Zirconia tool D1.7*L18*50
ZF-70 Milling Tool-Zirconia tool D1.7*L18*50
ZB-23 Milling Tool-Zirconia tool D2.0*L18*50


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